David’s Digital Donations Revival


David’s Digital Donations aims to bring comfort and aid into Atlantic County by providing computers to those who will need them in the coming year, whether that be for work or school.

Back in 2016, I began “David’s Digital Donations” (or “DDD”), in lieu of my Bar Mitzvah that was coming up in the next year. I wanted to do something that felt really meaningful, and would really help my community out. I knew there were people who were not as fortunate as me to have a computer, and were in dire need of one considering the opportunities that they provide. I wanted to give people access to more job opportunities, or help students out who needed computers for their schoolwork.

After school got tough, I had to relax on the project to start focusing on my own grades and schoolwork. I let go DDD, but retained the hope that I would one day be able to bring it back.


Now, I’ve found is a more important time than ever to revive David’s Digital Donations, as many have lost their livelihoods due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m hoping to bring relief to families and individuals struggling in this time.

Check out this video to learn about David's Digital Donations and how you can help!

Computers Donated 56%
Computers Donated

Goal of 25 Computers by the end of 2020!

*2016-2017 included*

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